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Since 1969, LEE has been committed to manufacturing earth friendly products, using sustainable processes by people who care about the environment. In the early 1980's, LEE chose to use products that eliminated chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) in foam cushions before it was mandated. Around the same time, LEE initiated waste reduction and recycling programs in all parts of the manufacturing process. It was taking these small, simple steps that laid the groundwork for future eco-friendly manufacturing.

As new technology has progressed and as new products are made available, LEE has made the effort to incorporate them into the manufacturing process. In 2006, LEE introduced naturalLEE, an option in upholstery that features soy-based cushions, fibers made from recycled plastic, organic fabrics for upholstery, and springs made from 80% recycled metal. With the success of the program and with LEE's commitment to the environment, the benefits and components of naturalLEE have been made standard on all LEE products.

Sustainability for LEE means making responsible choices today that will impact our future. How does LEE do this?

  • LEE has donated over 142,515 trees to American Forests through sales of naturalLEE.
  • The features of naturalLEE save 64 gallons of crude oil per day -this equals 28 trips around the world in one year!
  • Just one back cushion uses 116 recycled plastic bottles.
  • Over 95% of all manufacturing waste is recycled. In 2007 alone, LEE Industries recycled 41,280 pounds of plastic; 141,060 pounds of fabric and upholstery material; 145,600 pounds of cardboard; 13,116 pounds of cotton; and 10,020 pounds of plastic bottles, aluminum cans and paper.
  • LEE continues to incorporate new technologies to maximize fabric and leather yields.
  • LEE requires all vendors to have a Code of Conduct and adhere to those policies.